Surface Physics Research

Diamond film growth

The basic and applied research fields of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) deposited diamond layers is a main project in our Surface Science Laboratory since the middle of 90’s. In the course of this work regarding the basic research field, we made unique in-situ investigations on the nucleation and growing phase, further on the micro-nano-ultrananocrystalline phase transition. In the applied research field we investigated and developed a number of MEMS, sensoric, and 3D-deposition problems, such as: selective area deposition (SAD), passivation of micro pressure- and flow meter sensors, coating of micro turbine structure, passive and conduvtive coating of SRP-tips, passivating of wire-bonding-tips.                                                             Microwave enhanced CVD equipment                               Passivating diamond layers on SRP tips                          Selective area deposited nanodiamond layer on micro flow sensors (MEMS)                                                       Self-supported diamond bridges in MEMS device                             Ultrananocrystalline diamond layers on microturbine housing (MEMS)                                      Ultrananocrystalline diamond layers on microturbine rotor (MEMS)