LIBS: Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

The Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy is a widely used method for materials characterization. Using a high energy laser pulse focused on the sample a small amount of the material will be vaporized transforming the components of the measured sample to plasma state. Analysing the spectra of this plasma the composition of the material can be determined.

In the Department of the Atomic Physics the LIBS measurements are supported by an Andor Mechelle 5000 echelle spectrograph equipped with an Andor iStar 734 ICCD camera, a Quantel Brilliant and an EKSPLA NL300 Nd:YAG laser sources. In addition, for on-the spot measurements we have a portable instrument: Porta-LIBS 2000 by Stellarnet Inc.

Research fields: development of the LIBS technique, Raman-LIBS combined measurements

Contact: Patrik Gádoros: