FP7 3x3D - 3D two photon microscope

We propose to engineer and validate a novel random access three-dimensional two-photon (2P) laser scanning microscope which can simultaneously image three different brain regions in the three spatial dimensions (3x3D system), where each scanned volume can exceed cubic millimetres. We will validate the capability of our 3x3D system by simultaneously performing retinal, lateral geniculate nucleus, and cortical 3D imaging and photo stimulation.

Medicontur - intraocular eyelens examination

The project topic is the scientific examination of the optical properties of implanted intraocular lens (IOL) provided for cataract patients and related production technology development. The goal is to provide patients with implanted artificial eye lens with an optical performance that reaches the healthy eye visual ability.

Femtosecond laser applications

Femtosecond laser technology reserach topics in our department :  femtosecond pulse shape  analysis, ultrashort pulse measurement  techniques, development of acousto optic laser modulator for the use of  laser pulse amplitude and  phase stabilization. We actively cooperate with the ELI-ALPS Szeged research facility is to train students in our laser physics cousres and laboratories to master moder laser physics knowldege and it's practical aspects.

LASRAM – Infrared diode laser systems

Investigation and application (e.g. medical) oriented optimization of infrared (1500 nm and 2000 nm) diode lasers including their fiber coupling. Laser diode: maximum stable output power, effect of thermal conditions, determination of pulse and beam parameters. Beam guiding: identification and minimization of losses (by means of beam shaping and coupling optics), investigation of optical properties and boundary surface damage.

Quantum optics - Photonics

Under Construction!