Femtosecond laser applications

Femtosecond laser technology reserach topics in our department :  femtosecond pulse shape  analysis, ultrashort pulse measurement  techniques, development of acousto optic laser modulator for the use of  laser pulse amplitude and  phase stabilization. We actively cooperate with the ELI-ALPS Szeged research facility is to train students in our laser physics cousres and laboratories to master moder laser physics knowldege and it's practical aspects.
Pulse shaping is achieved by direct modulation of the spectral components of the pulse. Using acousto-optical higher order dispersion compensating compressor or by creating shape-specific pulse trains (pump-probe, quantum control etc. excitation).
Physical implementation: 
Many acoustic, individually controlled frequency channel that diffract into optically narrow bands - the pulse is the sum of these components. Four RF channels relative phase and amplitude modulation: by changing the relative phase and intensity of the channels we modifiy the pulse shape and spectrum.
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