András Sólyom

Honorary Associate professor

F III. mfszt.
solyom (at)
+36 1 463 1584

Most important Publications

Kovach G, Karacs A, Radnoczi G, Csorbai H, Guczi L, Veres M, Koos M, Papadimitriou L, Solyom A, Peto G
Modified pi-states in ion-irradiated carbon., APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, No.:254:(9), p.2790-2796, 2008
G. Kovách, G. Pető, A. Karacs, M. Veres, H. Csorbai, A. Sólyom
Thin Film Carbon Layers with Continously Changing Bonding Properties, Material Sci Forum, No.:537-538, p.207-214, 2007

Modified pi -states in ion irradiated carbon,
G. Kovach, A. Karacs, G. Radnoczi, H. Csorbai, L. Guczi, M. Veres, M. Koos, L. Papadimitriou, A. Sólyom, G. Pető,, Applied Surface Science, p.doi:10.1016/j.apsusc., 2007

P. Deák, A. Gali, A. Sólyom, A. Buruzs, and Th. Frauenheim
Electronic structures of boron-interstitial clusters in silicon, Journal of Physics: Cond. Matter, No.:17, p.S2141-S2153, 2005.
P. Deák, A. Gali, A. Sólyom, P. Ordejón, K. Kamarás, and G. Battistig
Studies of boron - interstitial clusters (BIC) in Si, Journal of Physics: Cond. Matter, No.:15, p.4967-4977, 2003.