Péter Richter

Professor Emeritus

FA building
richter.peter (at) ttk.bme.hu
+36 1 463 1588

Most important Publications

P Maak, M Peter, Sz Gergely, P Richter
Evaluation of NIR absorption spectra of water-melon juices for sugar content, JOURNAL OF NEAR INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY , No.:18, p.0967-0335, 2012
Maak P, Takacs T, Barocsi A, Kollar E, Richter P
Thermal behavior of acousto-optic devices: effects of ultrasound absorption and transducer losses, ULTRASONICS, No.:51:(4)pp., p.441-451. , 2011
Maák Pál, Veress Máté, Rózsa Balázs, Szipőcs Róbert, Richter Péter
Acousto-optic materials for special applications with ultra-short optical pulses, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI C - CURRENT TOPICS IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS , No.:8:(9) pp. , p.2885-2889. , 2011
M. Veress, A. Barócsi, P. Richter, P. Maák
Theoretical and experimental analyses of the acoustic-to-optic phase transfer in specific acousto-optic devices, Applied Optics, No.:49 (1), p.5-11, 2010
Sz. Beleznai, G. Mihajlik, I. Maros, L. Balázs, P. Richter
High frequency excitation waveform for efficient operation of a xenon excimer dielectric barrier discharge lamp, J.Phys. D: Appl. Phys., No.:43, 015203, 2010
G. Mihajlik, P. Maák, A. Barócsi, P. Richter 
Highly Accurate Computer Modeling of Light Propagation in Inhomogenous, Anisotropic Medium for the Acousto-optical Phenomenon, ADV SCI TECHNOL, No.:55, p.164-168, 2008
P. Maák, G. Kurdi, A. Barócsi, K. Osvay, A.P. Kovács, L. Jakab, P. Richter 
Shaping of Ultrashort Pulses Using Bulk Acousto-optic Filter, APPL PHYS B-LASERS O , No.:82:(2), p.283-287, 2006