Lenk, Sándor

Research associate

F III. basement 
lenk (at) eik.bme.hu
+36 1 463 4201

Most important Publications

D. Hericz, T. Sarkadi, G. Erdei, T. Lazuech, S. Lenk, P. Koppa
Simulation of small- and wide-angle scattering properties of glass-bead retroreflectors APPLIED OPTICS 56:(14) pp. 3969-3976. (2017)
S. Lenk, P. Gádoros, L. Kocsányi, A. Barócsi
Teaching laser induced fluorescence of plant leaves, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 37:(6) Paper 064003. 10 p. (2016)
Ö. Sepsi, Sz. Pothorszky, T. M. Nguyen, D. Zámbó, F. Ujhelyi, S. Lenk, P. Koppa, A. Deák
Preparation and characterization of two-dimensional metallic nanoparticle and void films derived from a colloidal template layer, OPTICS EXPRESS 4:(2) pp. A424-A429. (2016)
Á. Solti, S. Lenk, G. Mihailova, P. Mayer, A. Barócsi, K. Georgieva
Effects of habitat light conditions on the excitation quenching pathways in desiccating Haberlea rhodopensis leaves: an Intelligent FluoroSensor study, JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B, No.:130, p.217-225, 2014
C. Buschmann, S. Konanz, M. Zhou, S. Lenk, L. Kocsányi, A. Barócsi
Excitation kinetics of chlorophyll fluorescence during light-induced greening and establishment of photosynthetic activity of barley seedlings, PHOTOSYNTHETICA, No.:51 (2), p.221-230, 2013